Monday, July 28, 2014

A Love Relationship Q & A

Have you had to ask or answer any of the following questions in a love relationship: Who has the most power in our relationship? What do you think is holding me back from success? Am I the best sex you've ever had? When do you feel closest to me? By visiting you and your partner get a very quick and easy format to take a relationship Q & A. It's really a great tool to reconnect or simply learn or share something new.

My hubby recently came home and said "remind me I want to do something with you later" and for once that didn't mean he was hoping to get frisky a half second after our children fell asleep. app/website sets up four basic ground rules and makes it easy to quickly ask a handful of deep and not-so-deep questions. 

The whole experience starts with a short quiz you and your partner complete. Ten questions (from over 140) are generated and in a matter of minutes the exercise is done. The hubby and I really enjoyed watching clips from different partners who were filmed as they answered the same types of questions we answered. The videos were funny while some were more profound. Be warned watching the videos might lead to even more questions between partners.

A big question that I enjoyed answering honestly with my spouse was: "What are you hesitate to tell me?" The answer was likely something my husband already knew because I don't usually hold back, but saying it during the exchange almost created a different level of sincerity. My big mouth isn't afraid to spew good or bad, but something about this Q & A format made the exchange feel new, light and wholehearted. 

All in all, this exercise is great to create a fresh dialogue, spark a renewed interest in each other and open up lines of communication. Check out the site, try out a round of questions and come back to tell how it went!

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