Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Our Favorite TV Dads

Over the years there have been many different Dads to come alive on our television. From Homer Simpson to Mike Brady and everyone in between. Since we are celebrating dads this week we wanted to share a few of our all-time favorite TV dads.


Cliff Huxtable from the Cosby Show: This character is classic TV dad! He really takes the cake for being quite possibly the funniest, most authentic and loving version of TV dad in the history of television! I appreciated all of Cliff's lessons as I grew up watching. I could truly identify with so many Cosby Show story lines. Of course, I also found it refreshing that the Huxtable's were intelligent, hardworking people of color. It was as close as I got to a family looking like my own, and deep down, I always wanted a dad like Cliff!  

Leo Boykewich from The Secret Life of the American Teenager: this show often felt slightly too cheesy to me, until Leo spoke! His parental advice always struck a chord for me. I felt the sincere parental guidance from this character to the point that I felt like a better parent after watching this TV dad in action.  Plus his sentiments were usually shared in the most loving and non-judgemental way. I loved how this character was also a father-figure to other characters on the show and a single dad... there was just such depth to this TV pop!

Walter White From Breaking Bad: this is one bad-a$$ dad! Sure, he was completely crazed at the end of the five amazing seasons of this show, but if there's one thing Walter did, that was to fight for his family! He wanted so hard to believe that he was breaking laws to secure the life of his family, above all else. Even until the end, in his own conniving way, he found a method to provide financially for his wife and children. Walter fought and fought and fought to earn and save every hard-earned, illegal penny and did it for his family (& him too)!


Professor Russell Lawrence from Gidget: As a little California kid I loved this show. I especially loved the relationship between Gidget and her Dad. Professor Lawrence is a widower who was left with 2 daughters. Now because this show was from the mid 1960's there are some gender role issues (Gidget does all the cooking!) but all in all I love how close Gidget and her Dad are. He was strict but always ended up understand Gidget and all her crazy schemes. He was able to be the protecting Dad and the shoulder for Gidget to always lean on.

Danny Tanner from Full House: I was obsessed with this show. Watching 3 sisters interact was something I could relate to, but Danny Tanner was the ultimate Dad. He broke the stereotype of the working Dad. For the first time that I can remember I saw a Dad take on both parent roles. Also a widower you often found Mr. Tanner in the kitchen with an apron on, or his favorite, cleaning like a madman. And you could not beat the awesome talks that Danny Tanner gave. He dropped parenting lecture bombs every episode.

Mike Heck from The Middle: This is from a currently running show that my 9 year old and I love to watch together. I think what I love most about Mike Heck is how real he seems. A hard working Dad who rarely shows emotion but everything he does is for his wacky family. I think I like him so much because he reminds me a little of my husband. He seems unemotional and out of touch with his feelings, but we all know that deep down there is a squishy loving center.

What are some of your favorite TV Dads? 
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  1. This is so cute! What a great father's day post idea. The Walter White one is funny hahah great list!


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