Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Orange is the New Black... Yay or Nay?

We're talking two shows on HerMamas.com this week! Must mean there's plenty of great TV to view, or in this case, shows to stream! Show streaming is such a hot concept. We've seen hits such as House of Cards, Arrested Development and of course the wildly popular Orange is the New Black.

Are you a fan of OITNB? I usually get the same reaction from people: "That show is amazing!" In fact, OITNB just won a critics' choice award. The show's premise is based on a novel by the same name that depicts a woman's real life incarceration. 

Do you give this show two thumbs up, too?

I'm on the fan-loving side of this debate. Like most viewers I binged on the entire 2nd season in one weekend. It's that good in my opinion. Both seasons are currently available on netflix. 

Sure, in season two there was plenty of nudity and there's the usual medley of harsh exchanges and explicit dialogues, but isn't that prison? Life in prison isn't pretty, at least I assume as much.

This show has a great way of incorporating so many different individuals lives into different episodes. The depth and struggle of each character is revealed and we understand how they've each ended up in the system. There's also plenty of laughter!  That's likely not similar to an actual prison system, but it allows the viewing audience to stay engaged and rooting for women who struggle to make it through life.

Are you a fan of this show? Share your likes and dislikes below!

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  1. I liked that it was different from what I expected of a prison show. When I heard of it I thought it would be like a female version of OZ, but they have great character development! And you really sympathize with some of the girls in there. Not to mention I love that they release the whole season at once lol Netflix genius!


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