Friday, June 6, 2014

Oh Gwyneth Paltrow, Please Stop!

Gwyneth Paltrow has been in the headlines a lot lately. 

I can't say I've ever been a huge fan of hers, but I respected her talent and thought she and I had at least a couple of things in common such as motherhood and marriage. That was about it. Like most celebrities their worlds can be so far removed from the lives of everyday people. They have loads of money, an abundance of special treatment coming their way and lives non-celebrities don't get to experience.

The reason Gwyneth has been in the headlines isn't due to a film or acting project, but because she can't seem to keep her insensitive mouth shut. First she had the audacity to say something to the effect of how motherhood was harder on her as an actress. Really? I mean her movie set schedule is likely quite different, but to claim us "regular working moms have it easier!" That is unreal. I'm sure us "regular moms" would really enjoy those fat paychecks of hers in exchange for her "harder" role as a mother. Her lifestyle likely affords big homes, nannies, assistants... the whole enchilada. How in the heck could motherhood be harder for her? That's just nuts.

Just when this controversial statement was fading from media headlines, Gwyneth goes and compares being attacked on social media to war... Yes,  WAR!!! Are you kidding me Gwenie? I felt the sting of her "regular mom has it easier" comment but what about those moms actually living in war-torn war zones? How could she think to compare something as minuscule as social media to that? Again, that's just nuts!

I am in no way attempting to be mean to Ms. Paltrow here, but come on. She's clearly missing something in the sensitivity department. After all, there is only so many public statements that can be spun as "taken out of context!" And this isn't the first time G.P. is critiqued for coming across as the mean girl herself! Some part of me is even beginning to believe this is all a publicity stunt, then again, actors' lives can be so different from societal norms that perhaps Gwyneth is actually missing a sense of sensitivity because she is a self-absorbed celebrity.

What do you think? 
Can this actress' apparent insensitivity and subsequent remarks actually be real? 

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