Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New Instagram Updates

As you know we love social media! Last week my favorite photo sharing site Instagram came out with a really great update. They gave their users a lot more control when it comes to editing photos. I was very excited so I wanted to share some of my favorite new features.

When you go to edit a photo you will notice that the filter buttons are a little bigger and there are 3 options on the top. The one on the left that looks like a wand is where you go to get back to your filters.

You now have more control over your filters!  By double tapping on the filter of your choosing allows you to increase or decrease the strength of your filter. From this screen you can also add a border. Each filter comes with it's own border.

The little wrench on your home editing screen is where are all the new magic is!  When you click here you get 10 options. Some new and some old favorites!

With these options you can now manipulate:
tilt shift

Now the downside is that it might take you twice as long to upload a photo with all the new options. The upside is that you can now make unique photos. 

Have you updated your Instagram?
What do you think of the new features? 

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