Monday, June 30, 2014

Leftover Rotisserie Chicken Recipes

These days it's so easy to pick up a ready-made whole chicken from any grocery story deli. Some local eateries even deliver whole roasted chickens in minutes. As great as a yummy rotisserie chicken is on its own, below are few recipes to turn rotisserie chicken into a little something extra... 

1. Chicken Salad! I have a simple recipe for this one. Shred your roasted chicken into thin shreds, add lite mayo, diced purple onion, green bell pepper, salt and pepper. This simple recipe is delish and always a family favorite at parties. Serve over Hawaiian bread rolls with a little honey or spicy mustard and viola!

2. Chicken Enchiladas! Again shred your warm roasted chicken & set it aside. Heat 10-12 tortillas then lightly fry them. Coat those tortillas with canned enchilada-sauce and stuff them with the warm shredded chicken, a mexican cheese blend, diced onion, a sprinkle of oregano and red wine vinegar. Add your rolled enchiladas to a baking dish. Coat all enchiladas with a layer of chese and bake until cheese is fully melted.

3. BBQ Chicken Pizza! Grab a ready made pizza crust, drizzle the crust with sweet BBQ sauce, add shredded chicken, finely sliced purple onion rounds, cheese blend, garnish with cilantro or chives (add minced garlic for an extra kick). Bake as directed on pizza crust label and you're set! 

4. Chicken, biscuits and gravy! Bake your favorite homemade biscuits, slice those open, stuff with shredded chicken, veggies of your choice (we love corn kernels, diced carrots and snap-peas), then cover chicken and veggies with a layer of warm gravy.  Return biscuit top to chicken, gravy and veggie center, and coat with another light dollop of gravy. And just like that this delicious meal is ready to serve.

How easy were these chicken leftover recipes? 
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