Friday, June 20, 2014

Learning, Teaching and Entertaining Thanks to The World Cup

World Cup mania is in full swing! I love all the hype around one of my family's favorite sports. Sure, the World Cup only comes around every four years, but much like the Olympics, all the hype is contagious and fun.

My husband loves soccer so naturally the World Cup is taking over our television  and with so many games (four a day) there's always a team to root for. As I type this, my son and I are cheering on USA vs Ghana! Soccer is an exciting sport, and if you've got little ones watching the World Cup, it is a great opportunity to teach them about diversity, different cultures and countries.

Just yesterday as we watched Argentina take on Bosnia and Herzegovina we talked about both countries with our oldest son. We goggled some facts and started learning together. It's really such a great idea to use this massive sporting event to teach and learn. There's even an app for the FIFA World Cup that not only talks match ups, but has short cartoonish videos highlighting facts about countries in the tournament. 

This whole concept of diversity and sports would make for some fun weekend activities for kids and adults alike. Kids can do arts and crafts pertinent to the countries competing in certain matches (i.e. decorating colorful flags like the Ghanaian one in this post).  Adults can indulge in music, food and drinks standard to the countries they're watching play. To illustrate, I actually have a family member who is incorporating soccer into his birthday party next weekend. The party will include a soccer tournament. It's like a mini-world-cup among  friends!

If you're looking to entertain over the next few weekends use the World Cup to learn, entertain, teach and have some creative fun, too! 

Share your World Cup party tips with us!

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