Thursday, June 12, 2014

How do you pick the perfect gift for dad?

This year, I was feeling a little stumped in the gift department. I wanted to get my husband the perfect gift that shows him we're thoughtful, grateful and excited to share another year celebrating him. But just as the creative gift giving ideas start flowing, I end up with the most practical plan: ties... books... socks! Borrring, I know!

Truthfully, my hubby is actually hard to shop for. He likes plain things and though that might sound simple enough, it isn't! I usually go with the shirt that had one too many colors or strips. The shoes that were a tad bit too juvenile or downright old school. In fact, the last gift I gave my husband ended in a fight because I just saw it in his eyes... the gift wasn't right!  

This Father's Day, I've decided to do things a little different. If I'm lucky the hubby is very behind on reading these blogs and I don't give anything away (sorry hon!). This year I'm going with an experience and a goal as our theme.

Firstly, I didn't purchase him a gift! I purchased him an experience/outing. Something different for the two of us to enjoy. Sure, it's without the kids, but it's unique. Plus, I don't have to worry about picking out a gift he won't like. The experience I chose for us was the brain-baby of Groupon. Gotta love Groupon! Thanks to a deal I snagged online, we're visiting a local place called "Paint and Pour." We'll get to paint on canvas and have a few glasses of wine while we do. This gift shouldn't lead to disappointment. 

Next, comes the goal! As a gift to my husband, I'm going to finish a project for him (enlisting the kids with this one)! I know my hubby, and he often has one too many projects underway. I thought to myself, this year what better gift than the gift of helping him meet a goal! Our three kids and I are completing this project together for dad! It'll be great to surprise the husband by completing something for HIM especially since he's always doing so much for US! Again, another spin on the classic "gift" that shouldn't disappoint!

How do you decide on the right gift for dad? Share your tips below!

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