Wednesday, June 18, 2014

End of School Year Questionnaire

My son wrapped up second grade just shy of a week ago. It was one of those bittersweet days that reminds me how quickly he's growing up. That night we let him pick dinner take-out. He picked his favorite food and just as we began to settle into a great meal my husband began...

Question # 1: What is something you did this year that you will remember the rest of your life? I thought, what a great question! And suddenly realized my husband had a whole questionnaire printed and ready to go for dinner conversation!

The questions covered everything from favorite books to impactful people! It was a good time to reflect on challenges and milestones. We also got to express gratitude for what my son enjoyed and learned in second grade. 

This questionnaire turned out to be such a great idea! My favorite was when my husband came across questions that stumped our son. This allowed me to think back to the many stories my son shared with us throughout second grade. With his permission I shared my two cents and we were all answering questions. There was one particular story where my son overcame bullying and it was nice to see how far we'd come from that incident. 

This simple questionnaire was a great walk down memory lane and it got us planning for next year. Goggle end-of- school-year questions or simply use the photo below and get to recapping your child's year, too...

How did you celebrate the end of the school year with your children? 

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