Monday, May 19, 2014

Say It By Mail

I'm so guilty of losing touch of personal gestures. In an era of social media I use to think that a Facebook wall post is enough. Well it really isn't. Picking up the phone and calling OR picking out a personal greeting card with a unique note added still goes a long way!

Other than the sporadic thank you card (thanks to cool kid Phi for sending a homemade postcard) we usually don't get much personal mail. Of course there's the typical birthday invitations, but even that's gone virtual. Then this last month I was showered with love.

With the combination of my father's passing and Mother's Day, I was suddenly overwhelmed by love via greeting card sentiments. To see all the kind words picked out and shared meant a lot. Every card came sprinkled with very personal words which meant even more. It was truly touching and reminded me of the value of personal gestures. 

So even though I'm such a "texter" and I live on social media, I'm making a true effort the rest of this year to "Say It By Mail!" Today I plan to scour hallmark to stockpile greeting cards. The idea of sharing a little love in a more personal way excites me, plus, it's yet another great example for my kiddos. After all, they must learn social skills go well beyond "snapchats" and group texts! 

Are you good about making the call or sending a card?
Or do you need to take the "Say It By Mail" challenge?

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