Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Give a little LOVE in the Form of Community Service

Life can be a huge undertaking of ego and self-centeredness. Whenever I feel a little overwhelmed with myself I take a look outside of me. Usually I find that upping one on one family time or being in service to a friend or family member does the trick. But what if you're still longing for something?

My husband gives the best advice and he says when someone is feeling particularly conflicted they should do one of two things: 

A. Challenge themselves! Plan to do something better in the form of a personal goal or commitment.
B. Look outside yourself! Give to the world without expecting anything. Think of someone or something outside of you to serve.

Plan B is particularly refreshing and here are a few ways to accomplish more fulfillment in the form of community service:
  • Letters to Soldiers: This is a fun, easy and heartfelt project! Whether in the mood to send appreciation to men and women in the armed services during a special holiday or just-because, pick up a pen and paper, and start handwriting positive letters full of gratitude. Locate your local Veteran Affairs Agency and ask for addresses that receive such encouraging letters, place your letters in an envelope, stamp, mail and voilĂ ! You're all set and feeling better for it. 
  • Neighborhood/park clean up: My hubby recently stocked up on trash bags and rubber gloves to spend an afternoon cleaning up our local park. Seems so simple but to spend time giving back without being asked or to do so for others' enjoyment feels truly rewarding.

  • Create Care Packages: Like letters to soldiers, this is another project for the entire family. Create care packages for local senior citizen homes to spread joy, or even for first-year college students living in dorms who might be feeling homesick. Even better, how about packing non-perishable meal packages for children in third world countries? Contact Feed the Children for more information on mailing food care packages to needy children & families abroad.
     There you have it! Three simple ways to give back and give more of yourself to the world! And how about paying it forward today and sharing this message on your social media networks. Who knows how many you may positively inspire through this simple message of giving back! 

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