Thursday, May 15, 2014

Exercising Just Got EASIER!

I've done it all in the department of exercise. There's the old fashion gym membership everyone likely uses in their lifetime.  I've enjoyed organized classes such as spin cycling and step aerobics (I was so about that one-two step, one-two step). I've used a personal trainer. In fact, I've used multiple trainers at once which got pricy. I've gotten into running phases where I track my runs and actually try to improve my stats. My latest effort was to actually stock up on Wii fitness games to get my sweat on. 

Truly, the list of exercise options is endless. What isn't listed above are the millions of excuses why it's impossible to workout. In today's society there's always such a need for shorter, easier, more convenient workout options. To me, working out is always possible and I've been on a mission to find out just how possible and easy it is to get in a good workout. Bringing me to my latest workout discovery... 

Last year, I accidentally purchased an Amazon Prime membership. Yes, it was an accident. The prime membership which lasts a year comes with plenty of goodies in the form of free online instant videos. My kids have enjoyed their fair share of free Disney and Nickelodeon cartoons. Lucky for me the other day I was looking up Yo Gabba Gabba and stumbled upon Yoga! 

I stopped dead in my tracks and began scrolling the endless options for instant yoga workout videos (mostly all of which are free with an Amazon Prime membership). There I was staring at the countless videos at my disposal! An annual membership costs around $70 a year and suddenly became so much more worth it. Using these videos is a great way to save on gym membership fees. You workout at home when convenient to YOU! Plus, they say mixing up your workouts leads to greater results. This assortment is sure to keep things varied! 

Yup, working out just got easier. 

I've guzzled up all the videos I could try in the last couple of days. There's my favorite Pilates routines with Denise Austin available and some fun dance workouts I'd never tried before. There's also a lot of material inspired by the biggest loser's trainer Jullian Micheals. The variety was pretty extensive: martial arts, walking routines, yoga, dance, aerobics and more.

These are just some of the free titles available: 

Clearly, there's something for all ages, fitness levels and workout preferences. If you have an Amazon Prime membership try it out! Otherwise, the annual membership might just be worth it! 

What's your favorite easy/go-to workout?

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