Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dear Friends with No Kids, I AM SORRY!

I recently spoke at a conference to a room full of non-moms. In an audience of 40 there were two moms and here I was preparing to give a conversation on balance. My co-presenter and I couldn't wait to share our tips on balancing motherhood and life, but found there was really no need to go there. Suddenly, we were apologizing for speaking on a subject that was foreign to our audience. Even further, we ended up hearing about how us moms alienate non-moms! Uh-Oh!

This whole experience reminded me of my late-twenties! I was married by 25 and this day in age that's like saying I was a pre-teen. None of my friends could relate to my life at that point since most were single and kid-less. Naturally, they wanted to be out bar-hopping and dating - living a carefree life. While everyone raged on in the club, my husband and I were potty-training and condo shopping. We apologized one time too many for becoming boring flakes who rather nap than spend a minute out on the town! 

Today, couples are marrying (and starting families) later in life and that's great, but what if you jumped the gun like me? When those of us who journey into motherhood far before our non-mom friends there's suddenly something to apologize for all the time...

Check out this mom's hilarious apology to her non-mom friends:

HA! I crazy relate to this mom. 

Most specifically, I often go half-sies on conversations if I decide to multitask friend-time and mom-time. I've also secretly thought "Suuure, you'll be really strict with your kids." We all think that before kids, emphasis on the before. Oh and rest assured, I WILL NEVER JUDGE YOU when you get to the other side of the coin (if you even want to). Because it is truly okay to NOT want to become a mom! Though that likely means I'll FOREVER be jealous of your free-time spent napping or in Vegas at Brittany Spears concerts.

How do you relate and keep in touch with non-moms once you've been consumed by motherhood?

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