Tuesday, May 20, 2014

But Why? Kids can ask about 300 Questions a Day

 Like most kids my girls have forced us to watch the movie Frozen many, many times. One of my favorite parts is when Anna meets Olaf and questions him and every response is "yeah, why?" This is so my 3 year old daughter. It feels like my entire day is spent answering all her questions. Her questions range from common curiosity to plain nonsense.

"Why are you wearing those shoes?"
"Why does green mean go?"
"Why do I have to wear pants?"
"Do horses talk to each other?"

Of course this is completely normal. A recent study showed that on average Moms answer 288 questions a day from their little ones. The number goes up to 390 if you are the Mom of a 4 year old girl. That's 1 question every 1:56 minutes! Plus children are 88% more likely to go to Mom with questions. Great! This means I can expect the number of questions to increase soon.  Studies have even shown that kids ask more questions during meal time, during shopping trips and during storytime. Although with my daughter her peak question asking time is in the car.

Of course this is normal and I am very thankful for Google to help me answer those questions I don't have the answers to. Like how much does a baby giraffe weigh (the answer is 150 pounds)? I can admit that there are times when the amount of questions is overwhelming and I have been known to say, "go ask Poppa" or even the popular "because I said so!".

I need to remind myself that my daughter's curiosity is good and that she is asking for knowledge. I need to remind myself that she sees me as all-knowing. My daughter is just learning about this great big world and I am her tour guide.

Do your children hit that 300 questions a day mark too? 

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