Thursday, May 22, 2014

Birthday Cards

Recently Irene wrote a great post about getting back to handwritten notes.  She even suggested stocking up on greeting cards. I really should have listened to her. This is birthday week in my house. I had my Mother-in-law's birthday yesterday and today my husband and daughter share a birthday. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVES!) And of course I didn't have cards, or the time to head to Hallmark and grab some.

Out of desperation I googled "free printable birthday cards" and was expecting to find cheesy cards with cheesy clip art. Instead I was very surprised to see that Snapfish has a whole section on their site for print at home options. Best yet? Free print at home options.

In just a few clicks I was able to upload my own photo and type in my own messages on some really cute and stylish cards. A quick print on some cardstock paper and I was done! Check out the cards I was able to make.....

I have used Snapfish to make really great photo books, but I had no idea they had so many more cool options. Not only can you print greeting cards, but they also have coloring pages, decorations, and even educational worksheets! Click HERE to check it out. 

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