Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Why I Love "Girls" and Creator Lena Dunham

After binge watching Breaking Bad I needed something to get my mind off of Mr. White and Jesse. I needed something with less violence. I decided to see what all the hype behind the HBO show "Girls" was all about. I ended up getting through all 32 episodes in about 4 days. After I was done with the show I started reading everything I could on creator, writer, producer Lena Dunham. I even watched her pre-Girls movie "Tiny Furniture" (I really have obsessive tendencies!)

If you are not familiar with the show it is like a real and gritty version of Sex in the City. There are no designer shoes or gorgeous Manhattan apartments. As someone who has never been to New York I have to visit through the magic of television. "Girls" feels like a more accurate portrayal of New York life to the 20's something scene.

The show centers around Hannah and her life in New York City. Her parents have just cut her off financially and she is struggling to find her place. Along for the ride are her 3 girls friends and her on-again off-again boyfriend Adam. With dreams of becoming a famous writer, (she may or may not be the voice of a generation) Hannah is struggling between making a living and staying true to her passion and her writing.

Now you may have heard that the show is full of sex and nudity, and it kind of is. What I found more intriguing, and even kind of liberating was the fact that Lena Dunham's character "Hannah" is often doing naked scenes and her body is, well..... average. A pudgy belly and very real breasts.There is something so empowering about seeing an average-sized woman being open and unapologetic about her body.  

I read a little bit about Lena Dunham and she is such an interesting figure. The daughter of artists (her mom is a photographer and her dad is an artist), even her parents described her as a weirdo. There are a lot of her real life in her characters. She describes the character "Shoshana" and the young Lena who was terrified of sex. The character that Lena herself plays also has the same OCD tendencies as Lena did has a child.

Despite the criticism that her show has received, Lena Dunham stands by her show. And with a handful of awards in her hands she is doing something right.

Do you watch the HBO show "Girls"? 
Are you a fan? 

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