Wednesday, April 30, 2014

When Mommy Goes on Strike

When I was little my Mom was the kind of Mom who did everything for us. I don't remember having chores to do until we were well into our late teens. My Mom was a stay-at-home Mom when I was little and we all just kind of expected her to take care of it all.

As many of us are all too familiar with, it is super hard and frustrating to have to take care of it all. I remember one time when my Mom had finally hit her limit. She was sick and tired of picking up after of us all, cooking all the meals, washing, folding and putting away all the clothes, taking care of us kids and pets, paying the bills and keeping up with the house cleaning. She was done and she declared to us all that she was taking a page out of Cesar Chavez' playbook and going on strike.

Not my actual Mom, but you get the idea.
The rest of us were stunned and quite frankly we were pretty freaked out. Mom refused to do anything for us. We were forced to fend for ourselves. I think the strike only lasted a day or two, but it was quite a lesson learned. Having to feed ourselves and comb our own hair was a complete disaster.

We got the message my Mom was sending loud and clear. We needed to pitch in and we needed to bow down at her feet and appreciate what a great Mom she was, and still is.

Now I am the Mom and there are days like today that feel like I am doing it all. Days where it feels like my family sees me as just a maid, cook, driver and money maker. Days where I want to get out the poster board and make my "Huelga" sign and march around the living room. 

Do you ever have days like this?

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