Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What Inspires You? Best. Quotes. Ever.

Love, love, love this first quote. No human being is perfect but when I think of this, I remember to be the best me in all areas. This also moves me to be true to myself first and foremost. What I do in one area I'll do in all others, good or bad. I become more self-aware and suddenly I am moved to try my best in all areas of life. Suddenly, I become balanced and better.

I can be the worst listener and I love to talk. I know that about me. I read this in a book once and it literally changed my entire way of being. Believing in these three simple questions allows me to think before I speak and actually appreciate silence (and decide to open my mouth if, and only if, I am improving on the silence.)

This is often mis-credited as a Nelson Mandela quote. The entire quote is from larger excerpt from a Marianne Williamson book. These beautifully crafted words remind us to live out the greatness within and to never, ever, ever dim the brightness of our own light. This quote goes on to state something to the effective of, never lessen your greatness for anything or anyone. That is truly inspiring in a world that can bring us down more than it lifts us up.

Now isn't this the truth? I am not perfect, but I do love living by a no-excuses policy. Professionally, I work with youth where I find that many teens usually lead conversations with excuses. Sadly, they can also hide behind them. This tendency leaves them powerless and it's a lifelong habit that so many teens carry well-into adulthood. When we remove excuses we become wholeheartedly present and fully accountable. 

This entire passage moves me to the core. I can be a worrier, I know that about me, but then I think of these simple words. Reading them leaves me suddenly grounded. And this doesn't have to be about God for everyone. For some, prayer can be meditation while for others it's enlisting in the Law of Attraction. Whatever it takes to become centered, do it. To me, this is one of those quotes that inspires me in the direction of faith and calms the useless habit of worrying.

What are your all time favorite/inspirational quotes? Share those below...

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