Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Overbearing Parent

I have always hated confrontation. I avoid it at all cost. And then I became a mom and the passive me is something overtaken by the mama-bear me. When it comes to my kids I will always have an urge to protect and stick up for them. Recently I attempted to talk to Phi's teacher about her math grade. Her response was not only unhelpful but discouraging and left me upset and disappointed. I have vented to my close friends and then on my personal blog about the incident. One thing that I have yet to do is discuss it with the teacher.

Chances are I will not bring it up to the teacher. I will swallow my anger and focus on the real issue. I have this awful fear of becoming that overbearing parent that teachers hate. The one that they hate so much that they can't help but project those feelings onto the child. As a parent I find that I am riding a fine line between being involved and being overbearing. If I stood back and did not get involved I would be accused of laying the full responsibility of my kids education on the teachers. But if I become too involved then I am the overbearing parent who doesn't trust the teacher to do their job.

In the end I hope that we all have the same goal, and that is to provide the best education possible. To believe in and support our students and help them learn all they need to know.

Are you a parent who feels this fine line when it comes to your childs education?
Are you a teacher who knows what it's like to deal with both kinds of parents? 
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  1. I would say that keeping these obvious uncomfortable feelings to yourself will only make things worse as a whole. You don't have to be over bearing or disrespectful or confrontational to have a conversation with this teacher about what you feel and came away with on your last exchange.
    Find the words that you feel best will describe what your feeling, set up a meeting and say your peace. Let it be known you don't expect anything in return but the chance to express your disappointment in last exchange. But you must be aware and ok with the fact that this is about you and how you feel and not about the teacher making you feel differently because at end of day you are in control of your emotions, not the teacher. Best of luck and take a deep breath :)


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