Monday, April 14, 2014

Sailing Around the World....with infants!

You may have heard of the  Kaufman family. About a year ago they decided to take a sailing trip around the world. The husband Eric is a coast guard licensed captain. The family has lived on their boat "Rebel Heart"" for over 7 years. Sailing is their passion. It is what they have always done and they are more than capable of sailing around the world. They had planned this trip carefully and left while the wife Charlotte was pregnant. This did not stop them, this trip was their dream. They wanted to take the children, now ages 1 and 3 to see the world. 

The reason you may have heard of this family is not because of their courage and determination, but because a few weeks ago they had to be rescued by the Coast Guard, Navy and California National Guard when the communication and steering on their boat broke and their 1 year old daughter got very sick. It must have been such a stressful and scary time for the family. They are safely back in San Diego and are sad that their boat was sunk at sea. They are also facing much harsh criticism from people who feel that they unnecessarily put their 2 small kids in danger. 

Some feel that the Kaufman family should be financially responsible for the cost of the rescue. Some people are angry that military persons had to risk their own lives to save theirs. There are some that believe that it is irresponsible to take such small children out to sea. Some feel that there is too much risk and far too dangerous. 

The Kaufman's have publicly defended their decision to sail with their young daughters. They feel that family's sailing together is a wonderful experience for the entire family and the safety of their girls is a top priority. Of course there are others defending the Kaufman family. There are people who are praising the Kaufman's for following their dreams, living their passions and giving their children an adventurous childhood filled with travel. 

I can see both sides of the issue. As parents my husband and I have passions in life, like music, art and off-roading. As parents we try to involve our girls in those passions whenever possible. We always take every safety precaution and would never purposely put our children in danger. But life happens and it can happen anywhere. Should we stop living and taking our children on adventures? On the other hand should the tax payers be responsible to pay for an emergency that happens on an unnecessary trip? 

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  1. I think it was a very neat experience for the children (the sailing I mean, not the ship wreck)...I mean who can say that they've done such a thing?? In all choice we as parents make, there will be risks. Even in the car. If we fly. If we go to the park. Who is to say that one family can't try an adventure like this? It seems they assessed all the risks, and unfortunately something went wrong. So glad they were alright though :)


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