Thursday, April 24, 2014

Is Tori Spelling's New Reality Show Too Personal?

First let me say that I am a big Tori Spelling fan. I have read all her books and watched all her different reality shows, even the crafty show she hosted, and read her website. So I was excited when I heard that a new Tori Spelling show would be starting on Lifetime. I was excited to watch. After reading her last book she talked about how the last show had been cancelled basically because the family wasn't interesting enough anymore.

Then I heard about what the show was going to be about. "True Tori" is going to focus on husband Dean's cheating scandal. Yup, the cameras are going to follow along and give Tori the opportunity to tell the "true story". See what they did there?

Now Tori and her husband Dean have lived most of their married life in front of the camera. From the comfort of my couch I have watched them attempt to run a bed and breakfast, buy multiple different homes, have 4 kids (some we watched being born!), throw birthday parties for all those kids, and even rekindle her relationship with her Mom. After the last show ended the tabloids began running stories about Dean having an affair. Tori and Dean were tight lipped about the situation, until now.

I watched the first episode this week and at the end I felt that maybe, just maybe, they had taken this reality TV idea a little too far. It was awkward to watch. As Tori struggles to come to grips with what happened and the possible outcomes, Dean is in rehab. Tori is juggling the 4 kids and having strange talks with her friends about her husband's infidelity. Toward the end of the episode Tori goes to visit Dean in rehab. They talk with a counselor and it all is so forced and weird.

I am a fan of reality television, it is a guilty pleasure. But airing this really horrible problem in their marriage and essentialy preserving it for thier children to be able to watch and relive in the furture just seems like a bad idea. Part of me feels that it could all just be a fake story line, just a way to become interesting enough to get back in the spotlight.

Do you think Tori Spelling's new show has taking it to far? 


  1. Elissa, I am so glad that I am not the only one that feels this way. I watched it last night since I missed it on Tuesday, and to be honest I was in shock. I never thought the show was going to be like this, and like you, I do believe something is not right. I love Tori and always have been a huge fan of her since 90210, and as you mentioned she have lived her life in front of the camera. If she have had problems with him in the past, how come none of these tabloids mentioned it? My curiosity always takes the best of me and I know I will be ready next Tuesday to see what is coming next with this couple. But honestly she didn't even look as glam as she have done in her previous shows.

    1. Glad to know I was not the only one to feel this way!


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