Thursday, April 17, 2014

How to Make Cascarones for Easter

When I was a kid I always looked forward to the big family Easter celebration. My big mexican family would all gather at my Nana and Tata's house for a big potluck, and an easter egg hunt. It was all so much fun but the highlight of the day was all the kids trying to break a confetti egg over my Tia Mary's head. See my Tia Mary is the youngest in a family and she always, always has the perfect make-up and perfect hair. That is why it was so fun to smash a hollow egg with confetti into her perfectly made up hairdo. It was usually my cousin Leo who would eventually get my Tia Mary. I am happy that this tradition still continues. My poor Tia Mary!

The excitement about Easter started in my house about a month before when we started collecting egg shells for the cascarones. These staples of a Mexican Easter celebration are very easy to make on your own!

Step One: Eat a lot of egg scrambles and omelets. Instead of cracking the egg in half, take a straight pin and gently poke a small hole at the narrow top of the egg. Then make a bigger hole at the bottom of the egg. Remove the insides of the egg by blowing into the small hole. The insides should slide out through the bottom. Then rinse the inside and set out to dry. Save as many as you can!

Step Two: Use any egg coloring method you like and would use on regular boiled eggs. Let the shells dry completely.

Step 3: Fill the egg through the bottom hole with confetti, glitter and if you really want to be cruel you can add flour. You only need to fill it up about 1/4 of the way.

Step 4: You will need  to cover the bottom hole. Take crepe paper (streamers work!) and cut small squares. Place the square over the hole. Use a mixture of white glue and water to brush over the crepe paper square and let dry.

Step 5: Find your family who spent the most time getting ready that day and attack!

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