Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Basket Ideas for All Ages

If you are anything like me that you still need to get your little cotton tailed butt to the store to get together some baskets for the little ones in your life. I procrastinate every year and find myself rushed and stressed trying to find the right amount of little toys that won't end up broken or lost, balanced with the right amount of candy. It's all a very careful peeps covered math equation. 

Here are some ideas for different age groups for basket fillers to go with the jelly beans and chocolate bunnies. 

Infants: A walk down any baby supply aisle will have plenty of little baby friendly items that can go in a basket. Since they are little ones, you can substitute the candy for a few containers of their favorite snack like cheerios, goldfish crackers or puffs. Add in brand new sippy cup, a teether toy, a board book or even a new toothbrush and you have a cute and useful basket. 

Toddlers: Since we are finally into spring and the weather has warmed up (well in California at least!) An easter basket for a toddler aged child is a great to stock up on some outside toys like sidewalk chalk. You can also add in a new nightlight with their favorite character, coloring books, stickers and even playdough. 

Grade School: With summer vacation around the corner you can use an easter basket as a way to stock up on some items to help ease the boredom of summer break. A few things that can help keep a grade schooler entertained are books, card games like Uno, art supplies or even a big 500 piece jigsaw puzzle. One of my favorite items for my grade schooler is a journal for writing and sketching. 

Tween/Teens:  If your tween/teen still gets a visit from the Easter Bunny, here are a few things that might not get an eye roll out of your tween/teen. Cute socks or a cool watch are great small items that can fit in a basket. A lego set, a cute keychain or maybe a cool pair of ear buds. 

Happy Easter Shopping! 

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