Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Doc McStuffins Made My Kid a Hypochondriac

My 3 year old has recently taken a liking to the Disney show Doc McStuffins.  I have been able to watch a few episodes with her over the weekends. It is a super cute show about a little girl name Doc McStuffins (duh). In fact I don't even know what her real first name is - maybe her name really is Doc.

On the show Doc runs her own clinic out of a playhouse in her backyard. Her clients are toys and stuffed animals. Her special stethoscope brings her stuffed friends to life. 

My 3 year old really loves herself some Doc. She has her own little doctors kit and her own big book of boo-boos.  It was cute to see her line up all her stuffed animals in her "waiting room". 

Lately she has started being the patient herself. She goes around fake coughing, fake sneezing, fake limping and announcing she has all kinds of weird things like "tangeled hair-iosis". My little one has become a crazy hypochondriac.

What shows do your kids really get into?
What show did you love as a child? 


  1. Lol, I have not had my daughter become the patient yet but thanks to Doc McStuffins all of her stuffed animals boo boo's are all better, although they have a lot more boo boo's now then they did before the show came into her life.

    1. It really is cute to see them pretending to be little doctors.


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