Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dating My Wife - Guest Post By Diego Quevedo

Happy to have one of our favorite male contributors on HerMamas.com today. Diego Quevedo married to HerMamas' co-creator Irene agreed to a brief interview during their most recent date night (a weekly occurrence in their marriage) and here's what he had to say about Dating His Wife...

Q. Why date (after 8 years of marriage and 11 years together)?

A. Because I'm still trying to get in her pants. No really, to make my wife feel more connected to me which makes it easier to get in her pants. Honestly, with our busy schedules, having spontaneous dates can be difficult. Scheduled dates give us something to look forward to every week.

Q. Describe Your Favorite Date Night?

A: A good meal followed by good conversation and a new experience (i.e. trying a new cuisine together). 

Q. How Do You Mix it Up and Keep Date Night Interesting?

A. Commit to something new every date night. That could be a new restaurant, activity or simply a new city to explore. The newness makes our relationship feel what it did in the beginning... excitement. It is as if we're on a little adventure together.

Q. What's Your Advice For Couples Who Say Routine Date Nights Just Aren't Possible? 

A. Weekly might be too much for some couples. Instead opt for monthly outings. There's always time for each other. Make the time.

Q. You're Known To Also Date Your Kids? Why?

A. For the same reason I date my wife, one-on-one mutually devoted time is crucial to a healthy relationship.

Q. If You Won The Lottery Tomorrow How Would You Spend Your Next Date Night? 

A. Surprise the wife with a "quick" flight to Paris for a lovely dinner at a Parisian Bistro! 

Share your dating tips by commenting below! 
Better yet, interview your significant other and share their tips with us...

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