Friday, April 25, 2014

Current Obsessions

April is just about done! It is the last Friday of the month and time for our current obsessions!


Cute workout clothes: Once a year I get into this fix about needing new workout outfits. The husband claims I have one too many pairs of sweats, still I can't help it. Today, I scored a cute purple workout sweater which will match perfectly with my purple new balance sneaks.

Pumpkin Chai Latte:  My favorite local coffee shop Bobaloca carries year-round pumpkin syrups. A few years ago I realized these go great with their chai latte. This means it doesn't have to be fall to enjoy a.k.a be obsessed with a pumpkin latte. Thank you for that, Bobaloca.

Vegan/Vegetarian foods: After a ten day fast of meatless cuisines I'm now on a mission to discover new and yummy vegan & vegetarian options. These new options are found in my usual shopping spots such as Chipotle and Trader Joe's but also discovered using a simple Yelp search. My taste buds have never been happier! Plus, there's something so physically rewarding about a meatless diet.


The Mowgli's:  During my obsession with the band Twin Forks I entered into a YouTube black hole and somehow landed on a performance by the band "The Mowgli's". I think I have found my 2014 summer soundtrack. Perfect beach music. Mellow, but not slow and sappy. I have been listening to the album "Waiting for the Dawn" on constant repeat!

Puzzles: During our week long summer vacation my whole family makes a big 1000 piece puzzle together. It is a group effort and takes a few days. That is usually the only time I work on a puzzle. Well this year the Easter Bunny brought both my kids puzzles and we are obsessed! My youngest can sit quietly for about 15 minutes with a 24 piece puzzle. My oldest and I spent some time working on a cool Lisa Frank 100 piece puzzle.

Girls: If you read HerMamas than you know that this show and it's creator Lena Dunham is one of my current obsession! I sped through the first 3 seasons and now I have to sit and wait for season 4 to start. I am a complete anxious mess. I need to know what is going to happen to Hannah and Adam! 

What are you currently obsessed with?!?

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