Monday, April 7, 2014

Can Guys and Girls Really be JUST Friends?

I've always thought the answer to this question was "yes... of course." Then I reflect and realize the only guy friend I have is my husband. Now, I do have a few male co-workers past and present that I've considered friends, but co-workers are almost in our lives by default (no offense co-worker pals). Truth be told, I've never had a guy friend that was nothing more than a just a friend. I can see looking back that most "just friends" situations ended with one or both of us expressing an attraction that went beyond friendship. 

Honestly, this attraction ruined perfectly good friendships. I had a guy in my life many moons ago who I just enjoyed spending time with. He was such fun and the most reliable go-to-guy. Then he dropped the bomb and not that I didn't suspect it. He said he loved me. I knew he didn't necessarily love me, but he wanted to be removed from the friend-zone, stat. This was especially tough because after I said I knew what his feelings were and I didn't feel the same, we lost our natural friendship. Things became awkward and I resented him for that.

My husband believes wholeheartedly that men and women aren't ever just friends. Of course there can be exceptions: a gay man and a woman can definitely be friends, couples where husbands and wives (or unmarried couples) become close can be honest to goodness friends, but other than that, men and women are usually into each other for reasons which will eventually blossom into more than friendship. 

Could it be? Is there no such thing as platonic male/female friendships? Do those friendships eventually lead to attraction and coupling relationships? We'd love to hear from our readers on this topic...

Do you believe a gal and a guy can be platonic friends and nothing else? Why or why not?


  1. People can be in co-ed social circles. Why can't a group of ladies and gents go out and about? Everybody's partner should expect and want their significant others to be friendly and warm to those around them, but true friends where you discuss intimate details such as relationships, emotional well-being, secrets, etc....NO!

    1. I think in my whole life I have only had 1 real male friend. He eventually was adopted by my family and is now my brother. From the first time I met him it was like I had met my long lost brother. It was the only time that I had a close relationship with a man that did not have any kind of sexual tone to it.


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