Tuesday, April 1, 2014

5K: Fun for the Entire Family

UCLA Move and Groove 5K

I'm not much of a runner. I'm active, sure. But my usual exercise routine doesn't include steady and consistent running. Then out of the blue my husband signed he and I up for our first 5K run.

A 5K is little more than 3 miles. It shouldn't be intimidating and it's really a run/walk. Well that means nothing to my hubby. From the start we weren't walking, we were running. Also, we were expected to train. On our first "training" run I realized he could run a steady 5K and barely crack a sweat. I was in for it!

These training runs began just 30 days or so before the actual event. I thought for certain I wouldn't be able to hang. I was wrong!

I made it to race day with only a handful of training sessions done and realized this event was more about having a fun family experience. Sure I managed to run my best time and actually RAN about 98% of the time, but what I really got out of this was a desire to be active in this organized fashion and always include my entire family.

My in-laws, sister-in-law and three kids participated this time around and we all loved it. The energy of the crowds, the beautiful UCLA backdrop, even the early morning wake up call, there was something so fun and bonding about the whole thing. On race day, I enjoyed running and keeping up with my hubby. Listening to my sis cheer me on kept be running. Beyond all else, I was thrilled watching my excited 7 year old happily cheer for us as we crossed the finish line! 

So, I'm still not much of a runner, but I'm always up for family fun. We loved it so much we're ready for more 5K action, a 10K down the road and eventually half marathon action! The next 5K run our 7 year old will likely run, too. Let's hope he doesn't cream momma's time though he probably will.

Have you run a 5 or 10k... how about a half or full marathon? Share your experience, too.

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