Monday, March 10, 2014

What's in your purse... RIGHT NOW?

Tell me you're just like me! Or is it just me? I always tell myself if I carry a smaller purse, I'll carry less stuff. Then the mom in me surfaces because there's always a mid-to-large size purse hanging from my forearm slammed-packed full of "goodies". It's gotten pretty bad, but I carry it all as you'll see from the photos below! Are you the same way? Or is there actually a way to not feel the urge to have every random must-have instantly available? 

I was recently at a baby shower and folks were asked about the contents of their purse. The list consisted of basic items like what I carry: pens, shades, mints, and credit cards, but then there were the unusual items i.e. "an extra pair of underwear." Someone actually had the extra pair of clean undies on hand. Needless to say that momma won the game with something like 22 random items all tucked away in her bag! 

I'm lugging so much around day-to-day from Krazy Glue to Lollipops and Asprin.  Not only do I have three kinds of nail polish at my disposal, but I carry nail polish remover, a nail clipper and nail file. I've got the must have lip balm but there's also white-out and a highlighter. Hey, you never know when those will come in handy, right? This is all I dared to shell out for one pic! Not pictured: shades, headphones, charger, truvia single packs, business cards, check-book, calendar etc. etc. 

I've also got an umbrella and even a book that fits just perfectly in the center of two pockets. This is the story of my life and somehow there's no changing it. My  purse is everything from a spare change receptacle to a jewelry box. Like most women I have way too much tucked away in my one bag. Maybe it's over the top to carry so much but I just can't stand going without something I might need, someday!

What's in your bag/purse right now?

We so want to hear about the odd must-haves you lug around!


  1. Ha ha! The things we carry! You are brave to put it out there. I would not even want to say my contents out loud.

    1. HAHAHA Lisa! Thanks for the kuddos.


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