Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What I Am Giving Up for Lent

Our household is Catholic and today marks the first day of Lent. During this time it is customary for you to give up something for 40 days as well as abstain from eating meat on Fridays. Over dinner the other night my family discussed what we would be giving up for Lent. My husband is giving up soda and my kids are giving up candy.

I will also give up soda and candy along with them but I still felt like I needed to do more, to really take this time to better myself. Lately life has been hectic and stressful and that has affected the way I feel, and act towards the people around me and in turn is affecting the way the people around me feel and act.

During the next 40 days I am going to try to give up the stresses I carry with me that I do not need to carry. To not allow the stress of my workday follow me home. I will work on disconnecting from emails and social media during times when I am with my family. I find myself way too often with my face buried in my phone while my kids are working on homework or even just trying to tell me something that happened to them that day. I want to take this time to work on being more present. To really listen to my kids and husband. I will give up yelling at my kids and work on patience. I will learn to step away when I know that I am overreacting because of circumstances that are not my family's fault.

I am hoping that by working on these things for 40 days this will lead to a new way to live my life and not just a short term solution.

Do you observe Lent? 
What do you give up for 40 days? 


  1. Great things to give up! I am observing lent a little differently... I'm doing a prayer devotional (Whispers of Hope) by Beth Moore and I am going to smile/approach "strangers" more openly over the next 40 days. I am a very shy person and I figure I want to make myself more approachable so that I can minister the good news to anyone I encounter.

    Wishing you a blessed day.

    1. I thought about doing a daily bible reading and prayer but I didn't even know where to start. I am going to look into Whispers of Hope. I LOVE your smile more idea. It is so simple but as an ex-shy person I know how hard it can be. You will make a lot of peoples days a little brighter. What a great thing!

  2. Wonderful idea! Wish you the best in this next month or so. “Learn to say no to demands, requests, invitations, and activities that leave you with no time for yourself. Until I learned to say no, and mean it, I was always overloaded by stress. You may feel guilty and selfish at first for guarding your down- time, but you’ll soon find that you are a much nicer, more present, more productive person in each instance you do choose to say yes.”
    ― Holly Mosier

    1. What a great quote! Thanks for sharing. Saying no is such a hard lesson to learn and I am slowly getting to that point.


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