Friday, March 14, 2014

What do your music playlists say about you?

Oh how spotify has changed my life! I loved Pandora for countless years but the idea of having an entire album at my fingertips, I'm sold! I recently scrolled my playlists and I realized how much my music tastes evolve and change!

Yet, with all the change, music is timeless. I love how it places us right back into a moment in time. It places us in a feeling, good or bad. 

I remember once driving in my dad's old Oldsmobile and Sarah Mclachlan's Angel came on the radio. I drove almost mesmerized. Having just been through a bad breakup I don't remember driving the two miles from home to the post office. I was in a trance. It was the beautiful words and the fact that I was heartbroken. I was a wreck and this song enveloped me in the wreakage. I can't hear it today and not feel the tinge of angst.

At present my playlists include everything from Bob Dylan to Shakira (circa 15 years ago). I obsess over classic Nina Simone like I do overrated Macklamore (I'd like to believe I discovered him). I'm so Bon Iver and Ben Harper. To think Tupac got me through high school. I could once recite word-for-word Suga Free's Why You Bullshitten? Crazy to think about that now while I literally listen to Flamenco Guitar Ballads and blog, lol!

Truth is, everything I listed and listen to is me. I've loved the depth of lyrics even the vulgar ones. I've appreciated the melancholy and sadness of the countless breakup songs on my country list. I've clung to the same Spanish love song playing hours on end. Above all, I've loved the way music transported me into other times, other places and even the moments beyond today.

What's on your playlists?  
What does it say about you?


  1. Love this post. I literally said the words, "Wow, this song just put me back into senior year of high school," today at work.

    1. I love when songs take me back to the carefree fun of high school!

  2. I love your post, I love music! I live in Austin, TX~ The Live Music Capital of the World and we see bands all the time~ all genres! I love music. I love all the artists you listed I am actually going back into a Ben Harper phase again. I go sometimes do that~go into an artists phase listening to their old and new. Luckily our collection of music is huge(we are old)CD's & Vinyl. I just started Spotify, so I hope to enjoy that. Thanks for the great post & keep on listening... Lots of love to you, Lisa your friend from LBC

    1. Lisa, thanks for your comment! You will love Spotify! Enjoy :)


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