Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Frozen Revolution

Frozen is a great movie. I remember enjoying it when it was released months ago. What I loved most was the love shared between sisters (not a prince & princess). Every parent I spoke to agreed, Disney created a love story that was different and the love story worked!

Just when I thought we were on to the next big animation by Disney or Pixar, there seems to be a revolution going on with this film. I'd say it's the catchy and empowering music that reinvigorated Frozen's fan base. Little girls (and their mothers too) are especially singing Let it Go on repeat! 

The official Disney video for Let It Go was viewed over 112 million times on YouTube!

Let It Go it a huge multilingual hit now; the movie was released in 41 languages!

The song has been streamed more than 25 million times on Spotify.  

The writers of Let it Go just won an Oscar - best original song of the year!

I have completely embraced this craze. Those Spotify streaming numbers are partly thanks to my daughter and I. Having a 3 1/2 year old makes loving this story, plus the wonderful tunes all the more meaningful. There's such a sweet thrill watching my daughter sing and dance along as if she was in the movie!

We anxiously awaited Frozen's DVD release. We got a digital copy as soon as possible and now everyday there's a little bit of Queen Elsa, Princess Anna and Olaf, the hilarious snowman, in our lives! If you somehow live under a rock and avoided the Frozen revolution there's still time to jump on the bandwagon. Please do! The music is delightful and the story of sisterhood makes for a unique Disney fairy tale for the modern little girl who doesn't need a man to rescue her!

Are you digging the Frozen revolution, too?

Either way, I thought you'd appreciate a little bit of the hype below (you're welcome):
Updated (3/4/14): Submitted by an HerMama reader, check out the hip alternative version by clicking here

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