Monday, March 17, 2014

Linda! Listen!

Last week a video of 3 year old Mateo hit the internet and it was everywhere. So many people were sharing this video on Facebook that I finally clicked play. The video that Linda posted was funny and real. As as the mother of a 3 year old I can tell you that a 3 year old can and will argue with you about the strangest of things. Their defense is usually complete nonsense. But little Mateo really takes the cake.

After I watched the video I knew that the backlash was around the corner. I knew that despite the fact that this video is probably more real than most viral videos out there, there were a few things that were going to get the Mommy internet's panties all in a bunch. And sure enough last Friday Huffington Post ran an article trying to stir up controversy. 

First people felt that it was wrong and disrespectful that Mateo called his mother by her first name. In another post on the Huffington Post UK, Linda talks about this very topic. She explains that on a recent trip to an amusement park a little boy got lost and when he was with security he could not tell them his parents' names. He only knew them as Mom and Dad. Linda did not want this to ever happen to Mateo, so she taught him hers and her husbands real names. Now I find this to be a very smart move, and one I have done with my kids. I have made it a point to teach my kids not only mine and my husbands real names but the real names of their grandparents, aunts and uncles. 

The second issue that I knew was going to get heat was the part of the video where Linda tells Mateo that she doesn't want to have to give him "pow-pows" on his butt. Yes she is talking about spanking. And spanking is a hugely controversial topic. There are 2 sides and those that are firmly against spanking have raised their voices. This is a big topic that can get emotions flared.

Can't this just be a cute funny video of a Mom and her very smart 3 year old son?A video that a lot of Moms, myself included, can relate to? Do we have to critique and judge everything?

Did you watch this viral video? 
How funny did you think it was? 


  1. I thought these very things as I watched the video. I loved it and shared with my friends and family because, like you mentioned, it's REAL! Anyone who has children knows that 3 years are little fire crackers lol.
    My children went through a phase of calling me by my first name, it happens, especially when they hear that other people call you by your first name. It's only natural for them to think it's ok. If they notice it gets a response out of you, they're going to copy. At one point my kids called men and my husband, babe because that's what they heard us call each other, it lasted all of a few days. I couldn't believe the amount of comments I read of women stating that if their kids called them by their first name that they'd get slapped. Not that I'm against slapping, but to a 3 year old? For calling her Linda? He's 3!!! Correct him, and move on.
    As for the spanking, well, I spank my kids when it is necessary. I understand that there is a fine line between spanking and hitting but this child did not seem to be hurt or abused, and I actually think that if more kids were spanked there wouldn't be so many brats (sorry, that's my honest opinion). But, anyways, it's simply a cute video that the mom found funny. It's sad that some things can't be shared anymore without there being a huge backlash on every detail. People need to relax and enjoy it for what it is!


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