Sunday, March 23, 2014

Keeping it Real: A Weeklong Series

Over the weekend creators spoke at a statewide 
conference for women in Hermanas Unidas (HaU).

As proud alum of UCSB and members of HaU, Elissa and Irene wanted to give back in the best way they could. Together they prepared a presentation on social media pressures and balancing life's commitments such as career, relationships and health. The presentation was well received. However, something resonated with each when the audience shared insight on the inauthenticity of social media. Some found it motivational to see chronic goodness. Others judged the positivity as unrealistic while some labeled negative posts as honest posts. 

Overall, it was clear that most believed social media enthusiasts shared a lot but didn't always "keeping it completely real!" Do you feel the need to live up to social media pressures like these? Are you often honest or likely to only show your "best face" on social networks?

This week on we're turning truth on its head and filling the blog with more of it. 

What does this all means? It's confessions week on! Attention readers & followers: this is your time to help us keep it real. Please submit guest posts (anonymously or not) and tell HerMamas followers anything you've wanted to get off your chest. Share your insights, too! Vent, bitch or moan. No one's going to stop or judge you here! Share your pics without make up or how about confessing a little secret?

Elissa and Irene will be doing the same, so don't miss a minute of HerMamas this week

Click the blog, everyday! 

Guest blog posts accepted ALL WEEK via email (Email:

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