Thursday, March 6, 2014

Insomnia Taking Over?

Wish I could sleep like a baby, as they say. Kids in my house sleep through anything. I hear a pin drop and my eyes shoot open. A complete night's sleep has escaped me. It's no wonder I cannot survive mornings without a venti americano. Okay maybe grande will do, but it's rare to awake and not feel like I'm dragging. Coffee gives me the boost of energy a full night's sleep should.


Here's how I'm trying to get dreaded insomnia under control:

1. No caffeine after 6pm! It's my morning boost, but if it might sabotage a night of restful sleep,  I'm done with it. It's what decaf was invented for. Plus I'm conscious to keep caffeinated teas and sodas at bay, too.

2. No light, whatsoever! Our kids love a good night light. I can't do it. Any bit of light and my rest is zapped. I'm like a madwoman finding ways to hide any light, as tiny as a blinking on/off switch, from creeping into my room.

3. Warm baths or hot showers! I can take a piping hot shower any time of day. Really, I love them! This is so good to me, it's crave-able. So I make sure to take them before bed as often as possible. This is a great way to get one's body relaxed.

4. My hubby loves to fall asleep to background noise. Anything works for him... a documentary on Netflix, gangster rap, even screaming babies. Yup, that's not me. The more soothing melody, the better. Relaxing music helps my body unwind and my mind releases the day, at least I'd like to hope it works this way as Coldplay cradles me to sleep.

5. Finally, no electronics! Here's the worst part about my insomnia, I'm often up so I get to work on emails. My staff is sure to receive a handful of those between 2 and 5 am. Staring at a bright screen can't be helpful. I must stay away from over stimulating the mind especially when I'm trying to shut it down to SLEEP!

How about you, how do you manage to get a great night's sleep???
This HerMama really wants to know!

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