Thursday, March 20, 2014

Calming the Brain

Any given moment in our home is a loud and overstimulating fiasco. I try to remember that one day I'll miss this chaos. It's really something so unique to parenting the way multiple kids (and parents) can all lose it at once. Just today I had it all from a potty training malfunction, a frustrated kid confused by homework and toddlers fighting over sharing an icee. All seem like nothing but imagine that happening at once?

That is parenting at its finest. My husband works late tonight so I knew that I'd need to fend for myself and do it well. Parents must self-preserve.

Then it hit me! I must keep everyone as calm as possible. Sounds mild and unimportant but focusing on calm keeps out the crazy at least the consistent stream of crazy.

I remember once hearing my son's kindergarten teacher tell him, "calm your brain!" I love this concept. Sometimes chaos simply comes down to everyone feeling overwhelmed mentally.

So here's how I'm calming my clan tonight:

Keeping lights low (mostly all off). Saves on the electric bill and something about less light just feels cozy. Plus my kiddos tend to cuddle under less light. I love a good cuddle with my babies.

Baby cartoons for all. There's something so simple about baby cartoons. There's one on Netflix called Baby First which consists of just light music and art/drawing. Not much else happening and like my grader schooler puts it, "it's hypnotizing." 

Shut-off electronics all together. My hubby does this great thing where he shuts down the entire house and lights one large candle. We all gather around it and breathe. Funny to watch kids try to do this but it's great for getting us all to enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet together.

Remember (and remind kids) to breathe! My kid hurt his finger the other day and was a total wreck. My husband asked him repeatedly to breathe & suddenly he was calm. The next day a child hurt himself in my son's class and he quickly went over and reminded this classmate to breathe! He said other kids gave him a look of "good job." As my kiddo was sharing this story he proudly said "my daddy taught me that!" 

What does this all do? It counters the constant chaos and gets parents and kids to a state of recharge. Everyone benefits from "calming the brain" and experiencing at least a bit of it every single day! Plus, this actually helps prevent meltdowns (even mom and dad ones).

Do you and your family take time to calm your brains and recharge?

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