Monday, February 3, 2014

Winter Olympics 2014

This Friday the 2014 Winter Olympics from Sochi, Russia begin. Although most people are not as excited about the Winter Olympics as the Summer Olympics, I am not one of those people. Back when I was in 5th grade and the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada were happening, my teacher split the class into groups. Each group was assigned a sport and my group was assigned figure skating. Every day we would read the newspaper (yes I am older than the internet) to see how our sport did. I can remember my team cheering when Brian Boitano brought home the gold medal. My 5th grade teacher made the winter Olympics exciting for us.

As you might imagine I am super excited about the games starting this week! Getting the rest of my family on board is not as easy. I  have a great website in my back pocket with worksheets and fun handouts for kids to get mine excited!

Like all Olympic events, there are so many sports happening and all in a different time zone. It can be overwhelming to follow. Instead you and your kids could follow along with one sport, or even one specific athlete. Here are some of my favorite Olympic athletes competing in Sochi this year.

  • The Jamaican Bobsled Team: We all loved the movie "Cool Runnings" and for the first time since 1988 the Jamaican's will be representing in the winter Olympics!  
  • Meryl Davis and Charlie White (Ice Dancing): This pair from the USA have been partners on the ice since they were little kids. They are currently the world champions and could be the ones to bring home gold for the USA ever in this event!
  • Maggie Voisin (Freestyle Skiing): This USA Olympic athlete is 15 years old. Yes 15! She is the youngest athlete at the games. She is no stranger to competition and has placed at the Winter X Games and more. 
  • Shaun White (Snowboarding): The Flying Tomato is back for his 3rd Winter Olympics Games. He is hoping to add 2 more gold medals to his collection. If you think you have seen everything Shaun has to offer think again, he had been working on a frontside double-cork 1440. Sounds awesome. 
So if you watch all the events of just pick your favorites, the XXII Winter Olympics can be fun for the whole family! 

What events are you looking forward to?
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