Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Why My Little Boy is Often Mistaken for a Little Girl

My youngest son has the best hair! It's perfectly smooth with a slight curl at the end. I love the ever-changing color, too. Sometimes it seems brown, other times more blond, and then oddly, at times it even looks reddish. It's everything I wish I had for hair. His hair length reaches just below his shoulders so he's often mistaken for a girl.

It's starting to get a little ridiculous, but strangers chronically refer to him as a "pretty little girl" or better yet he receives compliments for what's referenced to as "her great hair!" I'll be honest, I don't care that this is happening, but I do wonder why it's assumed that long hair equates little girls and short hair equates little boys??? My goddaughter rocks short hair and it looks great on her... 

When my oldest was 2 years old I felt pressure to cut his hair before I really wanted to. Back then, he too had long locks. I really got tired of justifying why his hair wasn't shorter. In a traditional "macho" Mexican family my older siblings often ridiculed my hubby and I for choosing to go with long hair for our son. Eventually my son was even being teased and that's where we drew the line. 

Today, I'm resolved to be different. Hair length should be a non-issue regardless of folk's preconceived notion that long hair is only for little girls or vise versa. Other people's opinions shouldn't dictate what I decide appropriate for my own child. Besides, there's going to be plenty of years down the road where I won't get a say in my kids' personal style choices. So for today I'm milking it, and from here on out, it's long lovely locks for my little guy.

 Do you agree? 

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