Monday, February 17, 2014

She is not Me

As a parent I have a very hard time remembering that my children are not me. I have a tendency to project my own experiences and emotions onto them. I mean I was an 8 year old girl once too so why wouldn't the now 8 year old that I birthed not be exactly like me.

Well there are lots and lots of reasons. My girls may have half my DNA, and they may share some physical and even personality quirks with me, but they are not me.

I got a big reminder of this fact recently. My oldest daughter is a first time girl scout and as many of you know, it's cookie season. Part of cookie season is cookie booths. This means 3 hour shifts in front of grocery stores hocking cookies. I imagined what 8 year old me would have felt about it. My stomach ached just imagining it. I was painfully shy. I once cried because I had to ask for my own ketchup. I never would have willingly asked strangers to buy cookies.

For a little while I contemplated skipping cookie sales all together. I didn't want that kind of anxiety on my kid. But before I bailed all together I asked my daughter how she felt. She told me she was excited and really looking foward to working a booth sale. So we did it and my daughter was fantastic. A natural born salesperson!

Are your kids just like you were at their age?
Or are they totally different? 

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