Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pre-Natal Surfing

They say that your life changes the moment you find out you are pregnant. This is true and suddenly there are many things you love that you have to give up and cut out of your diet. No more sushi dinners or soft cheese with wine. But what if that love is not necessarily something pregnant women tend to do. We have recently seen very pregnant women doing ballet and even crossfit!

 A woman from Australia named Kristina Olivares decided that giving up her passion of surfing was not something she needed to do when she was pregnant with her son. Infact she surfed well into her 9th month, with her doctors approval. Of course she was smart about it, took precautions, and even learned to pop up from a kneeling position, but she never gave up something she truly loves.  

As you can imagine this surfing Momma has received many varied responses from people. There are those who are happy for her and excited that she can continue being active during her pregnancy. There are others who feel that she is reckless and putting her unborn baby at risk. Many people imagine her tackling huge waves like in the movies, but anyone who surfs knows that by taking into consideration the wave size and the water conditions surfing can be a relatively safe sport. Of course this doesn't mean that you should take up surfing when your pregnant!

How do you feel about women doing what some may consider extreme sports during pregnancy?
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