Monday, February 10, 2014

Movie Review: The LEGO Movie

"Everything is awesome!" That last sentence was meant to be sung annoyingly in your head, repeatedly. It's the hook for the main song in The LEGO Movie. This jingle really sticks with you and honestly, I don't mind.

This was the best "kids' movie" I've seen in a long while. This movie nailed it by incorporating laughs for kids and adults alike. Take your kids to see The LEGO Movie. Don't have kids? Go see it anyway. It's a movie for everyone.

Firstly, it's full of stars (star's voices). In fact, there's a few surprise voices that really added to the hilarity (i.e. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum). Funny to see these characters come to life as LEGO mini-figures. Truth be told I'll never look at my kid's Legos the same way again.

One star that stood out was Will Farrell. He's all over this film in a way that is funny for parents and kids. It's the Will Farrell I enjoy most. In fact, without spoiling it, I love the surprises that develop for Will Farrell's character, President Business. 

Next, the premise of this film is great for kids! Everything and everyONE is awesome. The way you come to this conclusion while watching is both hilarious and heartwarming. There was even a scene where I cried. Sure, I cry easily, but there's an exchange between father and son that really struck a chord: "everyone IS awesome!"

See this movie! You'll love it but make sure you have Legos handy. There's no way you'll leave this film without the urge to BUILD!

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