Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How Summer Bodies are Made in the Winter!

Lately when I've hung with HerMamas' co-created Elissa I've indulged. I follow up the indulging with a statement such as "the diet starts tomorrow." However, she's on to me because last time she replied, "you always say that!" Truth is, I've been loose about my diet & exercise goals last fall and part of winter. 

Then I remember that summer is just around the corner. For me, summer is the ultimate motivator and a great reason to focus on fitness. I believe the saying is true "summer bodies are made in winter" and here's how:

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise. Of course I was able to ditch a few workouts in the name of holidays and winter weather, but that excuse just doesn't fly when I think about dawning a summer dress or bathing suit. For this reason, I'm on a 4-times-per-week workout plan until summer rolls around. It's really not too difficult to get in a workout even if only 20 minutes though 40+ is ideal. Besides exercise is such a mood and energy booster. Once I'm in the swing of things physically my mind just sort of switches to a mindset of fitness and healthful food choices.

Which brings me to my second must do this winter! The best way to slim down (&/or tone) in time for summer is to eat in moderation. I know this isn't for everyone, but I personally thrive when making healthful meal choices and saying no to desserts! So I love bundt cakes, but I love my midsection more. 

Next, and this is by far key for me - an inspirational push. For fitness goals in particular I make sure to always have a great fitness read in rotation (Current read: Women, Food and God). Another great read though offensive to some is a book by Steve Siebold called, Get Tough of Die Fat: 101 Differences in Thinking Between Fit People and Fat PeopleAnother effective motivator is having within daily view a few fitness photos or quotes that inspire focus and action. My husband has a great photo he looks at every morning that represents a fit male physique. These motivators keep us on track to ensure we're feeling as hot as summer once Memorial Day rolls around. 

What's your secret to getting or staying in shape for summer? 
We want to hear from you!

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