Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hosting a Welcome Shower

Who doesn't love babies? The way they smell, snuggle and sleep. My family recently welcomed a new addition to our already large tribe!  I immediately thought it would be great to host a spin on the old baby shower by organizing a welcome shower. A shower that would make our youngest family member, at three week's old, the guest of honor. 

I'm completely sold on welcome showers and here's why:

• The baby being celebrated is physically present at the shower. So many want to hang with the little baby. That alone reduces the pressure of having to entertain guests.

• Welcome Showers can be unique, casual and co-ed. You don't have to stick to traditional baby shower etiquette. Make a welcome shower as unique as you want.

• You can use photos of the newborn as decor. Play games such as baby quizzes with stats on the already born baby of honor. Plus, the new mommy gets to relax without the 7-9 month pregnancy belly hanging around.

Would you host a welcome shower in place of a baby shower, too? 
Tell us why or why not!

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  1. Such a sweet idea! We need a new baby in the family. Thanks for sharing your treasured moment.


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