Friday, February 21, 2014

Hectic Mornings

This week we got a great message on our Facebook page from HerMama Liz. Shout-out Liz! She needed some advice with an issue many of us deal with almost everyday... getting out of the house on time. With two small children at home she found that she was consistently late to school. Her mornings were a daily hectic battle. Starting your day off in such a stressful way isn't good for anyone.

This is an issue that I am all too familiar with and I was happy to share some of our morning tips with Liz and now with all you.
  • Get clothes ready the night before. Let your little one help pick out something. This can help them get excited about getting dressed in the morning. 
  • Get breakfast as ready as you can the night before. You can also pack lunches the night before.
  • Have a spot near the door for purses, bags and keys. Then you can grab and go. 
  • Make a fun mini-poster with a list of all the things that need to get done in the morning. 
Liz used this last idea. Her son is a big Lego Movie fan so Liz made this adorable sign....

We love this sign! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. We hope that your mornings run smoothly and you leave for school so early you now have time to stop for a Starbucks treat!

Do you have any tips to help make mornings less hectic?
If you have a question for HerMamas leave us a comment, Facebook message or voicemail. 


  1. And thank you HerMamas for connecting with moms! We all need support and ideas. You ladies rock.
    Thank you thank you! -Liz

  2. and when he does should reward him! Reinforce positive behavior!


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