Thursday, February 27, 2014

Handling Work Stressors

I love my job, but it doesn't mean my work is always easy. I've been through two upper level management transitions and both have led to high stress periods. To date, I have done everything to manage work stressors and remain as productive and fulfilled as possible, I'm not perfect at this, but I sure as heck try.

Firstly, I am not my job. My career is fulfilling, yes, but it doesn't define me. I can walk away from the day letting go of what I've given (granted I have to have giving my best). I leave the workday behind me until the next time I'm back in work mode. 

One true way to let work overly stress you is by replaying the work day, the needs, the tasks, and the shortfalls when we're not even at work. This is fruitless. An individual must disconnect to fully reengage. Don't take your work with you by replaying it in your mind. Over time that is stress-inducing and unhealthy, so leave the day truly behind you.

Next, I accept and welcome challenges. Sure there will be tough meetings, tough people, tough times, but I mentally prepare to perform at my best, most authentic self in spite of tough times. I've watched turnover impact my amazing workplace and team all because employees cracked under all the stress, or oddly, they cracked under the pressure to elevate and grow. Bottom line, don't bail on stress, rise in the face of it.

I have an anti-stress support system. Of course I can complain about work stressors and situations, but I'm also grateful for my opportunities. When work feels overwhelming and I need to be reassured that I am on the right track I turn to my mentor in business and my spouse. Two people that assure me I can do anything and remind me to remain present, centered and calm.

I switch off stress and switch on service. If you're busy bitching and moaning you're just adding to stressors, amplifying them and not solving a thing. I have a boss who knows I am 100% behind her. I don't always agree, but I'm a team player and I communicate that often. Now I get this doesn't work if a work environment or co-workers are toxic. In these cases one should outweigh how realistic long-term employment is in a toxic setting? Walking away for personal mental wellbeing is never wrong.

Finally, I don't beat myself up! Sometimes stress does get to me. Boom... suddenly, I'm venting and that's okay. I may throw my hands up or feel overworked. However, immediately, I refocus and get right back on task, letting go of any stressful episode that is holding me down. In these situations especially I turn to stress relief boosters like exercise, pampering myself and/or unwinding with friends. De-stressors get me right back on track!

How do you handle work stressors? 

Share your tips, too!

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