Thursday, February 6, 2014

Banning the WORK FROM HOME option!

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, has issued a memo banning working from home, or telecommuting. From doing my research, I read Mrs. Mayer is filthy rich and just built a nursery next to her office. I take it this makes her working in the office quite doable. Though here she is quickly banning the work-from-home perk for other working moms at Yahoo. 

Now I get it, this isn't about moms. She's trying to turn things around at Yahoo so everyone is being asked to work in the office for the sake of "speed and productivity." However things still seem unfair.

I am a mother of three small children so I chose a flexible career path. I eventually worked my way into management where an obvious perk was added flexibility and the option to work-from-home. This option has been a heaven-sent, but here's the reality: productivity is a MUST. I couldn't work from home if I wasn't responsible, deligent and committed to productivity and progress for my agency as evidenced by my deliverables. 

I've earned the right to perks and as a mother I need them. My children and I benefit. I can do school drop-off, pick-ups, volunteer in class and so forth. I feel for the women at Yahoo who suddenly had their flexible schedules revoked. Quite honestly, I would quit my job if my next boss came in with the "Mrs. Mayer approach." My office allows for mothers to work part-time. We also provide part-time options for individuals still in college. It's really a win-win working environment. It's also a sign of the times since the traditional 9-5pm Monday thru Friday, only-in-the-office formula doesn't meet our changing times. 

Truth be told, I work well over 40 hours per week (where convienent) and I don't even feel it. I love what I do. I love it because of the actual work, but more so, because of the environment, the people and the perks. It saddens me that women and moms at Yahoo are having to give up on a much needed work-from-home option.

Do you believe working moms should be given the option to work from home or is productivity compromised? Chime in with a comment

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