Wednesday, January 22, 2014

When a Book Series Takes Over Your Life

Every once in awhile I pick up a book and just a few chapters in I am completely hooked. Like, obsessed, can't think of anything else, forget to eat, no need for sleep hooked. Recently my buddy Jackie casually suggested I read the series called "Love Me with Lies" by Tarryn Fischer. Jackie has never steered me wrong before, so I downloaded the first of the trilogy and dove in. That was less than 30 hours ago and I am half way done with the last book.

When a story really captures me I become a crazed obsessed readers. Just a few examples....

  • I stay up reading until I literally cannot keep my eyes open anymore. 
  • I read everywhere. Last night I was reading while making dinner. 
  • I obsess over what the characters look like and wonder who would play them in a movie. 
  • I constantly bug people who have already read the books with text messages (Sorry Jackie!).
  • I can only talk about the book and story line in any conversation.
  • I get really shell-shocked when the last page of the series has been read. 
I am almost finished with this book trilogy, so I want to know...
what books could you not put down? 


  1. omg!!!! everything here happens to me when I read most books,not only series.. But yes when the series ends I feel like this emptiness, and get a book hang-over.. lol.

    Loved the post. :)

    1. Thanks! I am so glad to hear it's not just me!


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