Monday, January 20, 2014

The Common Cold

It finally hit our house last week. First the oldest kid started with the runny nose and coughing, and of course just a few days later the little one woke up with a sore throat and sad droopy eyes. That dreaded winter cold is here and it hit our kids hard. As any parent knows it is so horrible to see your child sick. And with a cold, there is not an overnight cure. All we can do is keep them comfortable until it passes .

Here are a few of the things we do in our house when the kids get sick.

  • Vaporizer- I love this little machine. Just add water, salt and some mentholated vapor stream and you can relieve a night of coughing. 
  • Cough Drops / Strips- When the girls are coughing I keep a handful of cough drops with me for my oldest. Our favorite is the Ricola in cherry honey. I also keep Triaminic Thin Strips on hand for the little one. These are a great way to help suppress a cough for a little one who is too young for cough drops. These strips just dissolve on the tongue. 
  • Vicks VapoRub- I go old school with this stuff. When I was a little girl my Mom would rub this on my chest to help me breath. Last night as I rubbed it onto my little one she took a deep breath in and said "That's better Mom". 
  • Soup- I don't think I have ever made home-made soup, but when the girls are sick it usually means a trip to our local Vietnamese restaurant for some Pho. A nice warm broth, with some chicken and rice noodles really hits the spot and is sometime the best way to get some nutrients and fluids. 
  • Sleep- getting my kids to nap is hard even when they are sick, but early bedtimes are the standard when there is a bug in our house. 
We want to hear from you!
What are some of your cold remedies?

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