Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Be A Better Friend Challenge

Today on we thought we'd take it back to the basics. Before motherhood and before marriage there was friendship! Good old fashioned friendship. 


Often folks get sucked into career, marriage and childrearing demands placing friendships somewhere on the bottom of their priority list. If you're feeling out of sorts with life pulling you further away from friends chances are you've been a luckluster pal! No worries! There's hope. 

Take the Be A Better Friend Challenge! 

It's simple...

• Pick up the phone and call a friend (heck call a few). Just because phone calls are the best! Might be a little awkward at first if you've been super MIA. To ease awkwardness come right out and say it: "I'm calling just because.... I miss you... etc. etc."

• Send a handwritten note! Nothing says I'm thinking of you like an unexpected piece of mail. Hallmark cards sure know how and what to say to an out of touch friend!

• Plan an outing. Anything works here (simple or extravagant). Set aside a few hours to hang with friends. Try implementing this consistently as an ongoing expectation! HerMamas' co-creator Elissa and I have a monthly face-to-face hang out with plenty of texts and virtual chats in between. We are committed to seeing each other monthly and feel connected and fulfilled after each visit! 

• Push for it! Now this is where this challenge gets good! Maybe you've been too busy for friends. Likely, they're busy too. Be the organizer. Get folks together and don't be afraid to push. No guilt just a gentle nudge whether that means planning or preparing, but motivate friends to focus on friends!

After all, friendships really do make life feel fuller! So take the challenge and commit to being a better friend! 

Will you be taking the 'Be a Better Friend' Challenge? 

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