Friday, January 3, 2014

Smart Shopper OR Cheapskate?

We desperately needed new couches. In three years we've managed to utterly destroy the set we previously owned. Raising back-to-back toddlers will do that. My husband asked yesterday, "what's one thing we need for the house?" I quickly and almost violently exclaimed: "couches!" His response: "then let's get them!" 

I was so excited. I rushed to to snag a bargain. He was clearly not thrilled. We stopped at two big retailers that had great couches, the hubby was ready and willing to slap down $800-1,000, no questions asked! 

I, on the other hand, just couldn't! I'm a true and proud penny-pincher. Maybe I'm a cheapskate like my dad was or maybe I'm truly thrifty, the verdict is still out on that one. I just could not see us buying brand spanking new couches! Keep in mind my two year old isn't potty trained yet. 

Our last set of couches was a Craigslist find and I loved them though by looking at them now you'd think we tortured them nightly with a combination of dog hair, kid's snot and maple syrup (don't ask). Still, to me, they were an awesome find. Spent $95 on that set.

As my husband scoured retailers, I frantically scrolled Craigslist. I found a motivated seller and after the endless back and forth about availability, needing a truck to transport and storage locations we were finally facing a pair of couches for $200 bucks. No one said buying off Craigslist or being thrifty is easy.

My husband was not feeling this buy, at all. He's the kind that believes let's spend the money we work hard for. Of course, without spending irresponsibly (he learned the responsible thing over time). On the contrary, I believe why spend on expensive new stuff when used can be just as awesome? We didn't settle on the sketchy storage unit transaction and headed home. But I'm far too laser-focused to stop. The hubby was planning when and where he'd by our new set when I convinced him to stop by a few thrift stores. 

Two stores in and the "seas parted!" An amazing, like new, olive green sectional sat there. It had been on sale over 7 days so the price tag was marked off 40% bringing $150 down to $90! Less than a hundred bucks for a comfy set of CLEAN couches. It's basically what I spend on coffee in a week (I'm NOT thrifty at Starbucks). My honey was in. He liked them as did I. With the Salvation Army's very own delivery guy charging only $35 for the move and labor within half hour we were cozied-up on our new couches! New to me, at least.

Our "New" Sectional Couches
This whole tale leaves me feeling thrifty though it may come across as completely cheap. But I feel I got exactly what I wanted, how I wanted it and for a great price. Beyond that, to me it isn't about not wanting to spend money but about choosing to spend it efficiently. 

Are you all about second-hand goods, too? Or is this HerMama's tale not your cup of tea? Comment and tell us is this being cost-efficient or down right miser-esque?

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